APC-PCC Media Committee for Lagos State urges youths to vote for Tinubu

Two weeks into its 12 week campaign to secure over 6million votes for the All Progressives Congress, APC candidate in Lagos, the APC-PCC Media & Publicity Committee for Lagos State has listed its achievements and plans to scale up its operations.

Chairman of the committee, Hon. Kehinde Bamigbetan announced that the core strategy of the committee to use the achievements of the APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu during his administration in Lagos State as the unique selling points of the campaign is achieving results.

He said the committee devotes each week to the achievements of the presidential candidate in a particular sector and goes to town to propagate the need to elect him so they can be replicated and transcended at the federal level.


“Our committee is like an armada, we have a team of volunteers covering each channel of media from traditional media such as radio, television and newspapers to the social media platforms  such as Facebook, Twitter and to new media such as Whatshapp. We are excited that more and more volunteers, mostly youths, are responding to our call for volunteers every day, Their enthusiasm to work, free of charge to make Asiwaju win is infectious.”

He said the committee launched its operations on December 4, 2022 with a focus on education by organising press conference for the One- Day Governors on Zoom.

“The revelation was a shocker to many people who ignorantly thought Asiwaju was anti-youth.When they listened to the One Day governors such as Ikechukwu Ilemadi, Idowu Sonoiki and Gloria Ajala explain how their emergence as winners of Spelling Bee gave them the rare opportunity to become one day governors irrespective of their tribe of class, many of them realise that they have been misled.” Bamigbetan said.

Besides, acting for the governor for one day, the winners also participate in a student exchange with Finland and secure accommodation for their parents.


He thanked many journalists and press organisations for inviting the one day governors to further relate their experiences to magnify the fact that the Tinubu administration in Lagos State had a leadership development programme for youths.

” Besides the Spelling Bee, other youth programmes supported by the administration include the Children’s parliament, the National Youth Council of Nigeria. These are the foundations that the Tinubu presidency will build the policy on youth engagement.” he said.