Tinubu canvasses for peaceful polls in Xmas message

Unwilling to miss a chance to reach out to voters, All Progressives Congress presidential  candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu released a video on Xmas eve urging fellow contestants to sue for peace in the race for the presidency on February 25, next year.

His words: ”  I also extend my wishes to my political opponents. No matter our differences, we are all Nigerians and we must move this nation forward.”


His choice of time and ambience was in mood with the celebrations across the nation by Christians remembering the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.

Looking radiant in light blue traditional wear and deep blue cap with his trademark broken chain symbol etched on it, Tinubu used the occasion to reach out to various segments of the voters.

” I say Merry Xmas to the farmer, the student, the labourer,  the artisan, the professional, the entertainer, the teacher, the police officer, the market woman,  the soldier and to all Nigerians.”

Commenting on the statement, Kehinde Bamigbetan, political consultant who chairs the APC-PCC Media & Publicity Committee for Lagos State said the speech demonstrated Tinubu’s populist approach to politics.

” Very few politicians can capture this array of the people who truly make up the voting populace in their consciousness and express it at the right time  to get their message across.


The choice of SFV- short form video – to deliver the message is a qualitative difference from the use of still, text oriented statements. The visual element enhanced the dramatic impact of the presentation. I believe it will score well with those who watch it.”