The president expressed pride and joy in Wike’s accomplishments

President Bola Tinubu revealed that he was advised against appointing Nyesom Wike as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister. Tinubu made this disclosure during the commissioning of the Arterial Road N20, named Wole Soyinka Way, in the federal capital.

Despite the advice, Tinubu expressed his satisfaction with Wike’s performance, highlighting how the minister has exceeded expectations and inspired many. Tinubu noted that many doubted Wike’s suitability for the role, but Wike proved them wrong through his dedication and innovative thinking.


Tinubu praised Wike and his team, stating, “My presence here is to say thank you for giving this government a very successful first-year landing.” He emphasized how Wike’s efforts have positively impacted the government’s image, with the acronym “WIW—Wike is Working” resonating widely.

The president expressed pride and joy in Wike’s accomplishments, pointing out that the minister’s recommended reforms have been beneficial, leading to the creation of jobs and the promotion of civil servants. Tinubu also drew a parallel to his time in Lagos, expressing his ability to boast about Wike’s achievements in the FCT, further cementing his confidence in the minister’s capabilities.