How Eko Atlantic Was Initiated By Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

This project is beyond just development of a new city. It is a permanent solution to the erosion of the one-time bubbling Lagos Bar Beach.

I was part of it from the beginning, my office called Lagos State Waterfront and Tourism Development Corporation created by Tinubu started the project after all the then Federal Government Multi-Billion Naira solution failed. The ocean surge came back very stronger, destroyed properties along Ahmadu Bello way including NTA Compound and several State Liaison Offices and the street became deserted.


Tinubu Government came up with a solution to put a permanent stop to the destruction. The idea met a very strong opposition from the PDP Federal Government because they proposed a periodic intervention from the Ecological Account. Tinubu said NO keep your money; he brought experts from around the world to defend his plans.

Phase 1.- They will reclaim the land, about 2km into the ocean; that was the size of Bar Beach land before the erosion started over 100yrs ago and successive Governments ignored the problem.

Phase 2- Develop a city on the reclaimed Land and make it a world class city. The results is part of what we are seeing today.

Before the take off this project, a lot of Tinubu critics and those Federal officials who lost their annual “Chop-Chop” from Ecological Fund in the name of Bar Beach protection went to town with the stories of how Tinubu wanted to endanger the lives of Lagosians; they forgot that this is our Lagos and we know the history, the problems and the solutions. The place was originally a natural land but was lost to Erosion due to carelessness and abandonment of Lagos by Federal Government.

Today, I am very proud to be part of that project from the beginning because while the project is still on going now, businessmen including those that abused Tinubu then are now rushing back to the Bar Beach to enjoy the result of the completion of the First Phase of the project….at least I have seen an hotel which has one of the major critics of the project as a co-owner.


Tinubu the man we love to hate and we hate to love…Que Sera Sera.

By Babatunde Ajose